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Addressing Climate Change

The Agency of Natural Resources works with many Vermont organizations and state and local leaders to:  

  • Prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Vermont
  • Prepare for the effects of current and future changes in Vermont's climate
  • Ensure Vermont prospers by being at the leading edge of the transition to a new, low carbon future

Preventing Emissions 

Vermont Goal: 40% Less by 2030Vermont is committed to making sharp reductions in the state’s contribution to the greenhouse gas pollution that causes climate change. Our total emissions may be small compared to many larger states and countries but it is important for us to do our part to address this global problem. By achieving big reductions early on and by partnering with other states and provinces in our efforts, we will show what it takes to successfully transition to a resilient and low carbon future powered by clean energy.  

Many Vermont organizations are already hard at work to ensure that Vermont can meet these goals. ANR is helping to track our progress with an annual “emissions inventory.” We are also working to:

Preparing for Climate Change

Climate change is already here, and Vermonters are noticing the warmer, wetter climate patterns as well as changes in our seasons. ANR’s climate dashboard provides the latest information about specific changes climatologists and meteorologists are observing in Vermont. It also describes how these changes might impact Vermont's communities, our economy, our health, and the land, air, animals, and water.

Since tropical Storm Irene, ANR has looked for ways to help protect Vermont from the impacts of climate change. We must better protect our communities and critical infrastructure from flooding. A good way to do this is by conserving undeveloped floodplains and wetlands, and promoting green, resilient communities with stormwater management investments that better prepare them for warmer, wetter conditions. ANR is also working with many partners to support a connected landscape to ensure Vermont's plants and animals can adapt to changing conditions.

Ensuring Vermont will Prosper

Vermont communities that prepare for the future will prosper and thrive for decades to come. Join Us Today!

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