Our Changing Climate

What Changes are Occurring?

When scientists first began to study climate change, they called it global warming. 

Now many are using the term "climate disruption" because heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere are causing many pronounced changes in local, regional, and global climate patterns. As temperatures rise, warmer air is affecting ocean currents, wind currents, air streams, storm systems, and many other drivers of the climate we experience locally.

Vermont's new Climate Dashboard provides information about specific changes in Vermont's climate during the last fifty years.  These changes will continue in the future to a greater or lesser extent, depending on how quickly countries transition to a new low-carbon economy.  The Dashboard also presents information about how these changes in temperature, precipitation, and the timing of seasons may effect Vermont's quality of life and economy.

Vermont's Climate Dashboard 

Rising high and low temperatures

Rising High and Low Temperatures

More Intense Storms image link

More Intense Storms

Snow Cover Dashboard Link

Less Snow Cover

Rising Average Temperatures Link

Rising Average Temperatures

More total precipitation link

More Total Precipitation

Shorter Winters image link

Shorter Winters