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Low Carbon Travel

The transportation of people and goods around Vermont is an engine of our economy. But it also generates about half of our climate-disrupting greenhouse gas emissions.

Transportation emissions need to be reduced to fight climate change. Our state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan calls for a 10% reduction in the transportation energy used in Vermont by 2025. To meet this goal, we need to put fewer miles on our cars and trucks. How do we do that? It’s tricky in a rural state to find good alternatives to get to work or to pick up groceries, so many of us will still need to go the same distance with less fuel, using more efficient vehicles, like electric cars.

Vermont state agencies are working to provide travel options that allow you to leave your car at home. We’re also supporting electric car charging stations around the state and rapidly converting our fleet to hybrid and fully electric cars. How will you use less energy to travel?

Cleaner Vehicles

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