Facilitator helping a group of people contribute ideas for how communities anticipate, prepare, respond, and adapt.

Preparing for a New Climate

Vermont will gain from looking ahead.

Getting ready for climate change simply makes good sense. We know that past emissions have locked in some degree of climate disruption even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today. We also know that climate change may have harmful impacts on Vermonters, our livelihoods, and our communities. Preparing now will greatly reduce the cost and disruption that Vermont’s changing climate could cause in the future.

In the wake of Irene, hard hit towns like Pittsfield and Waterbury came together to make recovery a group effort. Many then began a dialogue about what they could do to be ready for more flooding. They improved emergency plans and shelters, formed resilience teams, and launched risk-reducing projects.

Learn how the state is helping communities get prepared for future emergencies, remove hazards, and protect Vermonters’ health as conditions change. Check out two new tools Vermonters can use to explore what may happen in their communities.

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