Bulldozer on a mountain of trash

Reducing Waste

Just by changing the way we get rid of things on a daily basis, we can avoid emissions of climate-disrupting gases.

When we send food to a landfill, it breaks down without oxygen in a process called anaerobic digestion.  Methane, a particularly dangerous greenhouse gas, is released as anaerobic digestion occurs, and methane is an especially powerful greenhouse gas. 

Recycling also reduces emissions.   When goods are maunfactured with recycled materials, they can be produced without mining,  refining, and shipping new raw materials.    This saves large amounts of energy and keeps carbon pollution out of the atmostphere.

Many Vermonters are taking steps to reduce the waste they put out for trash pick-up or cart off to the dump each month.   Learn more about how we're making progress on composting and recycling, and your opportunity to help.