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Public Service Department Electricity Webinar

March 15, 2023, 12:00 pm

To kickstart public engagement opportunities related to the Public Service Department’s (PSD) ongoing review of renewable electricity programs in Vermont, the PSD is hosting a webinar series to share information and answer questions about Vermont’s current electric system. Through the informational webinars, the Department will explain where Vermont’s electricity comes from, what policies and programs support the use of renewable electricity and provide information about the process to develop future programs and policies that will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The webinars are intended to be introductory in nature and will likely be of interest to ratepayers, energy committee members, students, or anyone who wants to know where Vermont’s electricity comes from and what policies and programs support renewable electricity today. Each topic will be held on two different dates/times:


Webinar 1: Where Does Vermont’s Electricity Come From?

  • Tuesday January 31, 12:00 pm-1:30 pm
  • Thursday February 2, 6:00 pm-7:30 pm


Webinar 2: Current Renewable Electricity Policies

  • Tuesday February 14, 12:00 pm-1:30 pm
  • Wednesday February 15, 6:00 pm-7:30 pm


Webinar 3: Parking Lot Session to Cover Additional Questions

  • Thursday March 15, 12:00 pm-1:30 pm
  • Monday March 13, 6:00 pm-7:30 pm


More information about the webinars, registration links, and information on the Department’s process to review renewable electricity programs and policies can be found on the Department’s Renewables webpage:


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and we hope you’ll consider joining us!