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Jaiel Pulskamp, Kettle Song Farm, member to represent the farm and forest sector

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Jaiel Pulskamp is the founder and owner of Kettle Song Farm, a small-scale organic vegetable farm. Jaiel established her farm in 2008 after gaining experience working on several farms throughout Vermont. From 2017 until 2022, she served as an organizer and co-director for 350Vermont, and she currently holds a position with the White River Natural Resources Conservation District.

Jaiel has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Long Island University's Friends World Program. During her academic tenure, Jaiel focused on indigenous agricultural practices and conducted fieldwork with the Embera tribe in the Darien Gap, where she studied their farming techniques. Jaiel has served on the Washington Central Unified Union School District School Board and the Worcester Planning Commission. She is an active board member of the Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition and resides in Central Vermont with her husband and two children.